Rainscreen system HAFIX

It is an aluminium support system for mounting of ventilated facades. It was developed to be used with cement-bonded particleboards, gypsum boards, cement fibre boards, and other wooden and metal boards.

It solves the problem of material expansion

The HAFIX system is unique in terms of providing a solution to the problem of material expansion, which causes boards to crack and distort. The facade boards are fixed to the substructure using the special H-shaped fixture. These facade boards are then hung up onto a bearing frame, which is formed by the special Z-profile. The system enables the facade boards to move according to their dilatation without regards to the dilatation movement of the supporting structure. So the distortion and cracking of the facade boards can be eliminated in this way.

Low cost of the assembly

Its construction enables it to be mounted quickly and easily without any special technological equipment. Therefore, it is an interesting solution with respect to the costs of a facade unit.

Technical support

Our Construction Department is fully trained in dealing with all individual realisations, processing of the materials needed for the realization.

Mounting of the facade boards

There are 3 types of fixings developed for fixing the cladding facade boards. The first type is bonding, second type for visible joints (rivets) and the third type is for invisible joints (brass anchors with screws). The whole system counts on visible joints between the individual cladding boards.

Long lifetime

All of the mounting elements Hafix for the ventilated facade are made out of quality materials – aluminium and stainless steel. The longevity of these materials is practically unlimited and the system is also fully recyclable.

There is a possibility to create custom elements according to the customer’s requirements

Our own Construction Department has the indisputable advantage for the Hafix facade system as it can react to all specific and custom requirements of our customers.


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