Introduction of WT WINTECH a.s.  

WT WINTECH a.s. is a Czech company based in Prerov. In the field of connecting materials it has been on the market since 1995


In order to improve comfort and serviceability of individual groups of customers, Visimpex, a.s. was divided into three divisions in early 2006. Division Wholesalers serves business companies and productions using standard connecting material. Division Automotive Fasteners, Electronics Components and Specialty focuses on engineering drawings of the connecting material and division Wintech is represented by a separate brand called Wintech on the market. It is for specialized manufacturers and craftsmen.

This specific division solution has proved itself and is currently applied not only on the Czech market, but also in foreign sales. Since 2007 division KANYA also operates within the structure of the company. It specializes in the Swiss brand KANYA’s structural systems of aluminium profiles.
In early 2011, the company established another division called Hafix. It was tasked to develop an aluminium facade system for ventilated facades, in cooperation with company CIDEM Hranice, a.s., which is the largest producer of Cetris cement-bonded boards in Europe. During 2011, development was completed and the system is further developed by a team of experts and designers specialized in facade systems.

In 2012, WT WINTECH a.s. introduced a new version of facade system and improvements, which even further facilitates ease of installation of the facade system. In 2012, there was also a facade system certification carried out by the Technical and Test Institute for Construction in its subsidiary in Plzen, Czech Republic.

FPC Certificate Number: 1020-CPD-030046359, protocol number on the certification of the FPC: 030-046358 and the entire facade system is registered for the manufacturers of the CETRIS, Cembrit, CEMVIN, FunderMax and Kronospan facade boards. WT WINTECH a.s. constantly works on improving the facade solutions.

The basic philosophy of VWT WINTECH a.s. is the first-class customer service and responsible approach to its surrounding. These priorities set the organization and management. All processes are continuously monitored, reviewed, evaluated and are fully consistent with the Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001. In line with our strategy to increase the product quality, we introduced a multi-level quality control and created a separate section - Quality Control, which is equipped with the top quality measuring and testing equipments.


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